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The Homeless Project

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Our Story

In June 2020, a small group of intrepid Vincentian volunteers from the Northwest Philadelphia District hit the streets looking to feed the homeless. The plan was to create a service project where members from the six Conferences of the NW District could encounter the face of Christ in his most humble disguise: those with no place to call home. We did not know what was in store for us or even how to find them. But find them we did.

The first day was Saturday, June 13th, 2020. We made the sandwiches in the industrial-size kitchen at the Caring for Friends facility located at 12271 Townsend Rd in northeast Philadelphia. That day started at 8:00am. After spending a few hours preparing the 300 sandwiches, the team packed up the snack bags with the sandwiches and bananas and cold water to distribute. We found the homeless in Center City, along Market Street, the Parkway, all along Kensington Avenue and all its side streets. We found the Christ in every filthy dead-end street, trash-strewn corner, and park bench that we came upon. His weathered face was always the same, whether male or female. His gaze was thoughtful and his gratitude sincere. “God bless you we said,” and God blessed us in return. Our hearts melted as we bid the Jesus of the streets farewell at 4:00pm. We were out of food. “We’ll be back next Saturday,” we said. And we have, every Saturday since.

This corporal work of mercy for the homeless has turned into a spiritual work of mercy for us. Volunteers from every St. Vincent de Paul District have joined us. Former students and work colleagues have joined us. Vincentians and non-Vincentians, Catholics and non-Catholics have joined us. Would you like to join us too? If so, you are welcome to join the joy.

Mobile: 917-885-7822